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About the Hunt

Heading into its 19th year, the 2020 Prior Lake Medallion Hunt begins Monday, July 13, 2020 with the first of eight clues. A new clue is released on Prior Lake Chamber Facebook Page: and Lakefront Days Facebook page:

The clues will be on the facebook pages at 8 a.m. every Monday through to Aug. 31.

If the Medallion is not found by noon Monday, August 31 it will be retrieved.

#CLUE -  RELEASE DAY (8 a.m.)
Clue 1  -  Monday, July 13
Clue 2  -  Monday, July 20
Clue 3  -  Monday, July 27
Clue 4  -  Monday, August 3
Clue 5  -  Monday, August 10
Clue 6  -  Monday, August 17
Clue 7 -   Monday, August 24
Clue 8 -   Monday, August 31

The Lakefront Days Medallion is made of marble with a gold round metal plate with engraved 50th Prior Lake Chamber Anniversary logo centered on its face (photo below). It is placed in a cardboard box and completely wrapped in duct tape, for protection. The duct tape wrap may be of any color or design including camouflage.

The first Medallion Hunt took place in 2002, one year after Lakefront Park (5000 Kop Pkwy. SE) was developed as a city park.



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