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Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce


The Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to live, work and play in Prior Lake.   The Chamber is a nonprofit volunteer organization with the mission statement "The Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce is organized to promote, connect, advocate and educate for the growth of the members' businesses". The Prior Lake Chamber has many opportunities to network with fellow members to build relationships so you may continue to Shop Local Shop Often with each other.

110 5-5


"It gives me the chance to meet and connect with people I would never otherwise meet."

- Tom Regan, Regan Tax Law

"This event 'engaged' people to talk not only about the business but also a bit about themselves that may draw a person or a business toward them/their business."

- Wendy Literski, Stanley & Wencl LLC

"The Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce: Building Successful Businesses Together."

- Cara Tonnell, Primrose School of Savage

"I get more networking done in 2 hours than I normally do in 2 months. Great event to talk about and hear about our local businesses."

- Bryan Peterson, Golden Heart Senior Care

Joining the Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce felt like coming home to me. Sandi, Jenni and Audra were so welcoming and helpful as I worked to get my business up and running, walking with me through each step of the process. They are absolutely incredible at making connections between businesses and truly care about helping local businesses thrive. I will be forever grateful to them for helping me to not only get my business off the ground, but for being a genuinely caring and trusting partner to me and so many others in our community. 

Amy Crnecki, My Story Seller, LLC 

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